Carnivor cabernet and Fabula Riserva sangiovese review

4 10 2015

Hi there people! Hope life is going well.  I’ve been taking a break from writing wine reviews, but I had to come back and … well it sounds bad, but I had to warn you against buying this particular cabernet.  I tried Carnivor cabernet at Costco because it was $9 or $10 and they said other stores sell it for $15.  As it turns out, the highest price I could find online was $12.

Now this wine does have the mouthfeel (very mouthfilling, almost thick) and color (inky black) of a much more expensive bottle.   But it’s too sweet.  WAY too sweet.  It feels like an Australian shiraz that they added fake vanilla flavor to, because the candied blueberries weren’t already sweet enough.  So, I don’t recommend it.

What I will recommend, as an antidote to this berry compote in a bottle:  Fabula Riserva.  Available at Total Wine, for the Total Gouge-Me-In-The-Face rip-off price of $22 (it’s less than $12 at Ace Wine & Spirits in Minnesota if you buy a case), Fabula Riserva is a very dry, earthy, and yet flavorful red wine with licorice aromas and a nice combination of dark berry flavors.  It’s best on day THREE, which I’m pretty sure I’ve never said before.  (Just make sure you re-cork it tightly.)  And it’s worth buying even at $22, although doing so is painful.  I’m gonna have to call Ace Wine on Monday.

Quick note:  I’m going to show every wine from now on.  So the old, “if there’s a pic, it’s recommended” will no longer work.

Carnivor Cabernet:                                    Fabula Riserva Sangiovese:

Not recommended                                     Recommended






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