Chateau Los Boldos “Cuvée Tradition” cabernet sauvignon review

Today we look at a 2011 cabernet from Chile that I found at Total Wine for $11.  It is 13.5% alcohol.

Reading the Chateau Los Boldos label is a Sybil-like experience:  the winery name volleys from French to Spanish, then it says “Mis en bouteille au chateau — Wine of Chile – Alto Cachapoal”.  The back of the label (in English) states that the grapes are entirely estate-grown.  This means they did not buy from other vineyards, a very common practice even among high quality wineries.  So that’s cool.

I am finding this wine to be very fruity, very light on its feet for a cabernet (especially for a Chilean cab), and not at all complex.  Mouth-drying tannins are present, but subtle.  Flavors include cedar and black cherry.  I guess I expected something noteworthy, with all this fancy language on the label.  Especially because it was enthusiastically recommended by a Total Wine sales associate.  However, the “Cuvée Tradition” is too watery and unremarkable for me to get excited about.  This cab is:

Not recommended.


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