About This Whole Wine Blog Thing

Wineguider wine reviews is here to answer, “What’s the good stuff?”  You’re my target reader if you just want an affordable wine to enjoy with dinner, or you’re off to a party and want something fun.  Or you’re like me, and you constantly want new wine suggestions.

A guy laughing at a slot machine = “Best Value” — delicious and incredibly low-priced.  I buy every wine myself, for the listed price, unless otherwise mentioned.

My background:  absolutely no special expertise or training in wine, whatsoever.  I am a musician, and a corporate lawyer in practice for 17 years.  I am very picky, so I hope that my recommendations will have value for most people.  Please don’t hesitate to write a comment — both positive and negative feedback is encouraged.  Cheers!



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12 10 2010

I am so psyched to find your blog!

In the nineties, I was tuned into Wine Brats, which had this great mission of demystifying wine for younger people. I don’t think they’re around anymore, but their mission stuck with me and I love hearing about affordable, great wines. Bless you!

28 02 2011

I used to drink the expensive French Bordeauxes years ago and became spoiled by them (and broke!), but fortunately, I outgrew them. Too rich for my taste, some were too heavy. So now I like simple(and less costly) Pinot Noirs. I tried the Mark West 2008 (orange label) and it was ouotstanding (for me, at least), so your review was right on the money. My next bottle wiil be the MW Santa Lucia 2009. So now I’m asking if you can recommend one or two other Pinots at around the same price? I can’t relate to heavy tannins or that “stinkiness” that comes with some Pinots. I enjoy a light to medium bodied wine. Thanks!

28 02 2011

Hello! For you, I would recommend Kudos, from Oregon ($15…Total Wine only), Kenwood, from California ($15) and MacMurray Ranch Sonoma Coast (not Central Coast) at around $14. You will love the MW Santa Lucia Highlands (if you can find it). Cloudline from Oregon at $19 used to be fantastic, now it is “good.” Don’t forget you can hit “pinot noir” on the right side of my blog and see every pinot I’ve reviewed. Good luck!

1 03 2011

thanks for the quick reply! i’ll delay litigation for “untimely response leading to mental anguish” ! lol! so i’ll get started with the Kudos once i’ve had the Santa Lucia. my wife is finally getting into reds, and that’s good because now we’ll be able to make some comparisons together.
some reds will give me a headache. must be either the sulphites or heavy tannins.

26 10 2013

Very good reviews! I am enjoying the blog. Thank you for writing it.

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