Want me to review a wine?

If you are a winery, just email me at wineguider@gmail.com to receive my mailing address.

If you are a reader, just send your request to:  wineguider@gmail.com.  If it’s under $20, I’m buying.  If it’s more expensive, I’ll request assistance with the purchase price.   (wineguider@gmail.com is also my Paypal address.)




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3 10 2010
Laura (Deery) Asteris

Good Evening, Andy~

Firstly, congrats! Secondly, I don’t really want to specifically point out which variety to review, but would love a review on any offerings from Marcus James [De los Vinedos del Sol] out of Argentina. Not sure about your feelings on Argentinian wines, but everything I’ve seen from Marcus James has been exTREMEly budget friendly and I really enjoy the 2008 Chard~it’s got a bright (albeit slightly tangy) yet warm fruity/spice note and, at least to my beginner’s palate, a nice butteriness that allows it to pair nicely with bolder protein choices than your average Chard. Would love to hear your opinion and also must give kudos on your letter to ‘that guy’ that was ticked about the $10 Lange tasting followed up by his lack of reviewing skills. You have such a lovely way of putting it to someone…hope you do receive a response to the $20 challenge! = )

16 11 2010

I’ll try the Marcus! Thanks!

15 11 2010
"Super Friendly Kim"

Dear “Awesome Andy,”

From one Pinot Gris/Grigio hater to another… I’m glad you enjoyed the Three Pears! Thanks for the shout out too! I printed a bunch of your wine reviews because when I started to read I was laughing out loud and wanted to find out more about your opinions… Sadly, today I will not be the one to give you the criticism you are always after (as any person who desires honest feedback should try and gather)… rather- to let you know that we have both the Bouchaine 2006 and plenty of the 2007 priced reasonably at $23.99… (Unfortunately when I started this email it was 19.99 because we had it on sale during one of our tastings) So this is less exciting… but a dollar is a dollar right? (AND NO TAX IN DE!)
Until next time… can’t wait to read what you thought about the Bollini…

16 11 2010

Thanks Kim!

3 07 2012
michael cox

2010 pinot gris of three pears is EXCELLENT!
whata sneaky little devil at room temperature!
it’s a true omni mate for white wine uses.
be careful, it’s a real blind sider, too!
i got 6 levels, sprite and crisp, hitting from 1-3 min.
very mild fruit, late nose. sip slowly BITTE!

22 12 2010

Hey Andy. The season calls for a Port shoot out! I’m enjoying a really nice Warres LBV 2000 right now. Very tasty and unfiltered. Cheap ports rools. Would love to see a port review soon. Keep up the great work.

27 01 2011
Mike Hoban

Hi Andy:
Just discovered your site and have read many of your notes and find you fun and knowledgable. Here are 2 really nice cheap steals I’ve had recently I thought I’d share. Crane Lake Petite Sirah 2008. Crane Lake is a Bronco brand and is widely available in the midwest. They make many varietals and they run about $3.50. I’ve tried several and the PS is REALLY good. Not just good for $3.50, but good period. Not as teeth staining as many higher end PS but very nice as a weekday wine with a nice balance and varietal flavor and with none of the harshness one sometimes finds in high tannin PS’s. Check it out. The other one that probably belongs on your Value list is an Australian Shiraz I picked up at Costco for $7. $6.99 actually. It’s Morse Code Padthaway shiraz 2008. I think these are the same folks who make Pillbox Red which I’ve had and which runs a few dollars more and both have a bold, fruity style and a little higher in alcohol (14.7%) but then, I’ve seen many Aussie shiraz’s with a “reserve” style with the higher alcohol. Nice bottle, especially for the price. Goes great with a pork tenderloin.
I hope you have a chance to try these two.
Mike Hoban

27 01 2011

I will check them out — Costco is nearby, I’ll have to search for the Crane Lake. Thanks!

10 05 2011
All-American Wino

Yikes, I’m sorry but Crane Lake is god awful. Sure, it may be cheap but so is the $1 menu at McDonalds. I would not advise anyone to buy a bottle of Crane Lake unless they intended to throw a party for a bunch of 20-somethings used to drinking Two Buck Chuck.

However, in terms of readily available, affordable wine, I would highly recommend anything by Hahn Winery. Have you reviewed a Hahn wine here? Hahn Winery Syrah Central Coast 2009, for example, which retails for $10-13, is an amazing bargain for the price.

17 05 2011

I will seek out the Hahn syrah! Thanks for the tip-

28 10 2011
DC Economist

Just discovered your site, and I fully support your efforts. Consider trying the 2008 Rancho Zabaco Dry Creek Valley ZInfandel. I can find it locally for about $15. Had a few bottles recently and enjoyed them.

1 01 2012

Dear Andy,
I just love your site – read it often, sometimes just for fun, and sometimes to start me drooling. I’d like your thoughts on Layer Cake Shiraz or maybe Malbec. About $15. My family and I are opening a winebar this Feb, and I have used your blog a great deal to help scope out selections. I LOVE that you recommend based on bang for the buck – helps pick out all different price points. Keep ’em coming . . . .

1 01 2012

Happy to oblige! Thanks for the kind words.
Happy new year!

3 06 2013

Please review Le Capitaine. A chenin blanc from Vouvray, France.

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