9 12 2018

Today we are going to provide the Top 3 Methods For Tasting Wine.  Sure, you can just drink it, and enjoy the heck out of it.  But if you follow these methods, you will taste MORE of what your wine has to offer.  It’s like getting more information.  OK here they are:

3. Wait A Day

Most wines improve on day 2.  This means, open the wine and try a bit of it.  Then stick the cork back in, securely.  Keep the wine in a place that is (a) out of the sun, and (b) cool. The fridge is fine, but if it’s white wine, after taking it out of the fridge let it sit for at least 15 minutes, and if it’s red, 30 minutes. On day 2 you’ll see what I’m talking about.  It will almost always improve the taste. Only the cheapest wines get worse after this procedure.

2. Go Outside

This might strike you as strange but it really works. When you go outside, whether it’s winter or summer, spring or fall, for some reason your sense of smell and your sense of taste open up, and you  will receive more information about the wine you are checking out.

1. Slurp Like a Fool

As you take the wine into your mouth, slurp it.  Loudly.  The same way you would drink in any liquid that is extremely “lava” hot.   I know this sounds super weird.  But please, just try it.  When I have suggested it to people, they have said things like, “Wow, you really have to do this! Don’t you!?”  If you want a lot of information about the wine you are trying — a virtual information tsunami — follow this suggestion.  If you want to see a demonstration of what I’m talking about, go to 2:23 of this video, watch until 3:05, and you’ll understand.  Yes he’s a coffee guy, but the principle still holds.





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