Sexy Wine Bomb red wine review

1 06 2010

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Our first post will review Sexy Wine Bomb’s “Blends Have More Fun”, a red wine from California that costs $10 a bottle.

This red is a blend (Merlot: 38%, Zinfandel: 38%, Syrah: 23%, Petite Syrah: 1%) that has a warm, fruit-forward taste with nothing weird going on and a bit of oak and spice in its finish.  I liked it right away.  That loving feeling might wane over time, but so far, this stuff is a hit — and that first impression is just what you need if you’re looking for a wine to bring to a party.  Not to mention the reasonable price tag, and the conversation-starting label, which depicts a bomb next to a sexy female silhouette from an 18-wheeler’s mudflap.

With this wide variety of grapes, you’d expect some complexity, and you do get it, but it’s a $10 version of complexity.   Good enough to be entertaining but not academy award-winning.  Sexy Wine Bomb is a new winery, and this is their first offering, so they need it to work.  And I think it does.  It’s not perfect, and it’s not fall-down-on-the-floor delicious, but at this price it’s appealing and a very solid contender. 

The winery’s quirky website states that the grapes come from “all over California,” but more importantly provides verbatim comments from their pre-release marketing survey (many of which are very negative and are still provided with cheerful commentary from the winemakers).  My favorite comment:  “NO.”

But I say, “YES.”  Enjoy!Sexy Wine Bomb "Blends Have More Fun" red wine




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22 07 2010
Katie Ambrosi, Sexy Wine Bomb

Hey–thanks so much for the review of Sexy Wine Bomb! We’re pretty proud of it. We just wanted to make one small comment on the review :-)…as much as we’d have loved to have enough wine to do a pre-release tasting survey it wasn’t quite in our budget. We actually only surveyed potential customers regarding the label art itself–participants were not able to taste the wine. In fact, almost all the feedback we get about the taste of the wine both at retail and in our Healdsburg, California tasting room is extremely positive.

22 07 2010

Thanks for the clarification! That makes much more sense! It seemed a little strange that people could be so negative about the wine. . . you should make this clear on your website! Thanks again for making such a delicious and affordable red wine.

23 01 2012

I LOVE Sexy Wine Bomb. I work at the Total Wine & More store in Wilmington, DE and I just tried it for the first time a few weeks ago. It’s AMAZING! All of my co-workers said I wouldn’t like it because I tend to prefer sweeter wines, but lo and behold, it now resides on my shelf of favorite wines within the store with my picture beside it. It’s amazing. Super smooth! It’s like a more grown-up version of the Radius Red Wine (which you should absolutely review. YUM) thank you somuchf for reviewing it. I created an account just to comment on and like this.

23 01 2012

Great! Thanks for the comment! And I agree – grown-up version of Radius is just about right – Cheers!

24 06 2012
Harry Reker (@HarryReker)

Great taste. Great price. I thoroughly enjoy this wine.

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