Five Rivers cabernet sauvignon review – NICE

13 08 2010

This review has been updated here.

Hi!  Today we’ll look at a red wine from California’s Central Coast, which sells for $11 a bottle.

Five Rivers cab used to be made with grapes from California’s Paso Robles area, and it really rocked for $11.  Now, with the 2007 vintage, Paso Robles has been replaced on the label with plain old Central Coast.  It doesn’t rock as much anymore, but it’s pretty darn good:  rich, with plenty of tannins, a “tight” taste, dry, but with some deep fruit, and a nice amount of oak.  It’s medium-bodied, mildly spicy, and overall, “strong.”  In fact, it tastes very close to the way it did when it was a Paso Robles wine.   How do they do that?

On the downside, it’s a bit generic, or even boring, in some settings.  It also might be too oaky for some wine lovers.  But it can serve as a great steak wine, or just a “de-stress after work” wine.  There’s something about Five Rivers cabernet that I just, like.

So there you have it.  This unassuming and mild-mannered California cabernet hits the right buttons for your Wineguider to make me want more and more, and so it is:

Five Rivers cabernet sauvignon review





4 responses

22 10 2010

The Five River 2007 Cab is awesome and I would say it is much better then “pretty darn good”! I have a cellar full of cabs from Simi to Rodney to Frei and this 2007 Cab from Five River rocks. Do not let anyonew know…it will drive the price up!!

26 10 2010

I hear you! I love comments like this, they reinforce what I’m thinking anyway, which is, “how can this bargain red BE so good??” And you’re right, I probably am underrating the Five Rivers with a mere “pretty darn good.” Thanks for the input!!

26 01 2013

I’d love to hear what you think about 337 Cab from Paso Robles. I found it pretty good for a $10 Cab.

26 01 2013

Correction on the 337 Cab…I believe it’s from Lodi, Ca.

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