Cupcake petite sirah review

7 11 2010

Cupcake Petite Sirah review

Here’s a 2007 petite sirah from California’s central coast that costs only $8.99 at the unstoppable Premier Wine in Wilmington, DE.

 This wine is not incredible, but it’s easily good enough to score a recommendation at this bargain price, even at $10, or $11.  Very “berry” in character, you almost feel like this cannot have come only from grapes — they had to use blueberries, didn’t they?  Either way, I keep drinking glass after glass.  It’s not complex, but it does nothing wrong.  Bravo!  I’ve already recommended their cab and merlot, and this Cupcake is the best yet.

The smell is some kind of dessert — blueberry rhubarb pie? — and the taste is sweet (for a red wine), full of dark berries, and just plain good.  Pure.  Tannins appear, but only after you let it breathe for an hour.  I just finished enjoying this wine with a fantastic t-bone steak, and it rocked.  The label says “dense” and “full-bodied”, but I found it pleasantly drinkable and medium-bodied at best.  

Cupcake petite sirah doesn’t taste altered, and it doesn’t taste cheap.  But it is cheap.  And those last two sentences are the main reason that this California girl is:





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12 03 2011

Try a Michael/David Petite Petit – perhaps you’ll like. I believe it’s 50/50 Petit Syrah / Petit Verdot. Verly low acid, but rich, jammy, and IMHO slightly more “interesting” than a straight-out PS. Vinu down at Veritas gave me a great case price. Done any tastings at Colliers?

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