Chilensis reserva carmenére review

6 12 2010

Today we review a $9 red wine from Chile — a carmenére — which I found at Total Wine.

Hi!  Today we look at a different kind of wine, a carmenére.  That’s a grape.  For those of you just getting into wine, this was a helpful fact when I first started — all these names, merlot, chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon, are just the names of different kinds of grapes.

So, what does this stuff taste like?  Have you ever gotten a big cigarette lighter and a piece of saddle leather and just lit that sucker up, blew it out, and then sucked on it?  Me either.  But I feel like this describes the experience I’m having right now.  It’s not very good.  But for $9, what do you expect?  Well, I don’t expect much.  But that doesn’t mean I’m going to recommend this wine.  It tasted “cheap” to me on my first sip, and later sips didn’t really change my mind.  Unfortunately, this wine is not recommended. 




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6 12 2010

Funny timing, last night I tried the Chilensis Pinot Noir and had a much better experience than you had with the Carmenere! Great berry flavors and a soft finish. You should check it out!

6 12 2010

You are not the first to sing this pinot’s praises – I’ll try it! Thanks for your input, much appreciated.

9 12 2010

You were right! Just reviewed the pinot. Thanks!

9 12 2010

Awesome, I’m so glad you enjoyed it!!

23 08 2011
L Allen

You clearly don’t know a thing about the inherent nature of the Carmenere grape. It’s fine for you to personllay not enjoy a wine but you need to assess is whether or not a wine is well-made for it’s varietal and appellation. So if you had tasted other carmeneres before you would have a better sense of the grape variet adn how it typically expresses itself. Again, your personal preference is secondary when recommending wines to people because there is an obligation to be objective of the effort given.

3 09 2011

Sorry we are not on the same page but thank you for your comment — as I say, positive or negative comments are always encouraged.

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