Jade Mountain cabernet sauvignon review – oh MY

6 12 2010

Today we review a 2007 –

WOW!!  Holy mackerel, I love this bargain California cabernet.  It’s spicy.  It’s dense.  It’s real.  And it’s only $12 . . . .  WTF?! 

Kyle, at Capers & Lemons restaurant in Wilmington, Delaware, served me this wine and I need to buy him a 6-pack, at least, as thanks.  For those of you who crave details that don’t matter:  Jade Mountain is made of cabernet sauvignon grapes from Napa Valley (55%), Sonoma County (42%), and Lake County (3%).

It’s not the most natural, or organic wine you’ll ever taste.  A few others in this price range (meaning, to be honest, a little more expensive) are more open, more bright, more “easy to taste” — this one is on the darker side, more extracted, more deep.  But for 12 bucks, it’s AWEsome. 

How does this dark-red-fruited value monster compare to the Boy Wonder, $9-$11 Five Rivers cabernet?  It’s better.  But if you compare the prices, it’s exactly comparable — meaning, Jade Mountain is $1 to $3 better than Five Rivers.  Jade Mountain cab is more flavorful, more full-bodied and velvety, and has more prominent tannins.  YUM.   More steak, please.

This California cabernet is a blatant Best Value winner.  And it is:

Jade Mountain cabernet sauvignon reviewHighly recommended!!



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