David Hill Willamette Valley pinot noir review

28 12 2010

Here’s a 2007 pinot noir bought at Total Wine for $22, from Oregon’s famously delicous Willamette Valley.

Day 1:  Hmm, $22.  Tastes like real pinot noir, but more like real pinot noir’s evil twin.  Thin.  Sour.  Cherry.  Borderline bitter.  Aromas of your grandparents’ basement.  It’s not terrible, in fact I think it might even be very good, in a French burgundy sort of way.  But not my cup of tea. 

Day 2:  Still $22.  But today it smells like licorice and chocolate, with a sexy, “real pinot noir” aroma that tells you this stuff is serious — wow!  Taste — still a little sharp, but much better than Day 1.  Enjoyable.  Medium-bodied.  Still not my cup of tea exactly, and definitely not a crowd pleaser.  But it’s very good pinot noir.

For me, if it were priced at $16 or $17:  Yes!!

At $22?  Can’t quite recommend it.  But it’s close.  If you really love pinot noir, you should definitely try it — you’ll find David Hill one of the most interesting, quality pinots under $40.  On Day 2, that is.

Not recommended.




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