Wineguider: wine review shootouts

27 02 2011

Welcome to Wineguider, the wine comparisons website.  All shootouts, all the time.  Some of them, not even close to fair.  Our simple mission:  we review affordable wines that you can actually find at the store.  Please subscribe on the right to be the first to receive each new wine review.  I’m sorry about the ads … if you’d like to contribute so I can get rid of them, you can send 2 or 3 bucks or whatever by Paypal to  Enjoy!




7 responses

27 02 2011
Mike Hausknecht

This site is so much better than Snooth. Just good tasting wines at reasonable prices. Thanks for all your great suggestions.

22 03 2011

Thanks for reading! I hope you’ll spread the word!

28 10 2011
DC Economist

Agreed. Vastly better than snooth. I look forward to pulling out my smartphone and surfing this site next time I’m at the liquor store. Thanks for your hard work.

18 03 2012

love that you get lots of your wines from Total Wine. We have one here (I’m in Vegas) and it is tough to read reviews and then not be able to find the wine anywhere.

29 11 2012

It is a pleasure to see a wine site where not every wine is recommended. More and more wine publications have succumbed to ‘wine grade-inflation.’ As a consumer I appreciate reviews that will keep me away from poorer wines. Keep up the good work.

29 11 2012

Thanks! Your comment highlights one of the main problems that I see with wine reviews generally: they choose rating systems that allow them to wiggle out of saying something bad about a wine. For example, rating a wine 3 out of 5 glasses. Which is great for peace and harmony, but gives readers exactly 0 information about whether they should buy the wine. This is why I chose the recommended/not recommended system. There is no hiding, and readers get my best honest opinion about whether they should buy the wine, or avoid it.

16 04 2014
Alvin McGuires

Love it! Wine is more than just a drink; it’s a lifestyle, a survey into history, a gastronomic adventure, a study in farming and a way to explore different cultures.

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