Frei Brothers reserve zinfandel review

13 06 2011

Today we review a 2009 zin from Dry Creek Valley in northern Sonoma Valley, California.  I got it for $20.

OK this Frei Brothers zin is really good.  It has 15% alcohol, so, if you want to wind down after a hard day’s work — WAY down — it will do the job.  Spicy, rich and tannic, full of dusty blackberries, and deadly serious, this wine tastes like a real step up from the normal $10 family dinner wines.

The problem is, I’m not excited about paying a full $20 for another bottle.  If it were $15 or $16, Frei Brothers reserve zinfandel would receive a committed, definite recommendation.  At this price, however, it’s a delicious, happy dreams-inducing, near miss.

Not recommended.




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