R Collection Lot No. 3 cabernet sauvignon review

29 06 2011

Continuing our very special series of totally inadequate reviews of good wines, today we examine a 2008 cabernet from California that costs around $13.

R Collection by Raymond is good, and you should buy it.  (Damn!  I’m good.)  It’s spicy, big, filled with dry red fruit and yet it’s also juicy and warm.  Medium bodied, with some vanilla in there, and a definite feeling that you should be enjoying a steak or hamburger with it.  Tannins are mild. 

And here’s the cool part:  I have a feeling you can find it for less than $13.

This one’s a keeper.  Recommended. R Collection Lot No. 3 cabernet sauvignon review




3 responses

26 01 2013

Yep you can…$9.49 at Total Wine. Have you been able to find a really good Cab for $8.00. (suggestions?)I saw your review on the Columbia Crest Cab so that is definitely on my radar.Finding a good $8 or under Cab has been eluding me. Some say it can’t be done. I’ve found some good ones in the $10 range, but not for less. BTW…Just remembered having one from Gumdale Winery from “Down Under”. May I suggest you review/try it? Total Wine has it for $7.50 I think. Thanks. Keep up the good work!!!

26 01 2013

I will try Gumdale! And now, I shall depart for Total Wine to see what R is tasting like these days….

26 01 2013

Awesome…can’t wait to hear. My bet is that the R will not disappoint.

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