Peirano Estate Heritage Collection petite sirah review: OH MAMA

30 06 2011

Hi!  This (hopefully) wraps up our special series of rushed, poorly written wine reviews of good wines.  Today we chug down a 2008 petite sirah from Lodi, California that costs around $13.

Peirano Estate is not super well-known, but the label says they have been growing grapes since 1895 (wow).  This Heritage Collection petite sirah is full bodied, super dark, deep, luscious, ripe, oaky, warm, and very juicy.  It has a medium-to-high amount of mouth-drying tannins, and it doesn’t have too much of any one thing, so its elements come together with impressive balance.  (Many petite sirahs can be tannic monsters.)

For $13, this wine is flat-out incredible.  I would have recommended it at $18.  The only thing that seems “less than $20” about Peirano Estate Heritage Collection is that the various fruit flavors are hard to pin down — you just know you’re getting dark red and black fruits — and that’s fine.  It’s possible that you will find it too heavy, or just “too much,” but that’s true for any petite sirah.  This one is delicious, is hereby awarded a “Best Value” award, and is:

Peirano Estate Heritage Collection petite sirah review

Highly Recommended.




5 responses

5 07 2011
Dan Yeaney

Interesting review, especially after previously panning the Michael.David Petite petit. So did a heads on comparison. Comparatively, the Peirano tastes coppery and sour. The Petite petit shines through and is just plain fun to drink. have to totally disagree with you on this one. And have done the same comparison with friends and the Petite petit wins every time in this price range.
BTW you may want to change your category spelling. It is Petite Sirah not Syrah. Just saying. If you are going to set yourself up as a wine expert, certain things you should get right.

5 07 2011

Thanks for the comment. Peirano: $13. Petite Petit: $18. If Petite Petit were $13, it would have received a recommendation.
As for “expert” status: ” I have absolutely no special expertise or training in wine whatsoever. ” (on the About page of this blog).
The question is, can anybody point to a better petite sirah at $13?? I can’t!

5 07 2011
Cindy Harris

Thank you, Wineguider! I’m glad that many judges agree with you as this has been a highly awarded wine!

5 07 2011
Dan Yeaney

Well, actually I buy the Petite Petit at 13.79 so for 79cents more… I do like a big fruit forward wine and love the Michael David Earthquake, but it’s not in the same price range. Guess we’ll just have to disagree on this one. Still interesting that no one I have had try both has preferred the Peirano. Maybe I got a slightly soured bottle?
Also I just read my first comment. What an a-hole! lol I really didn’t mean to come off that way! I enjoy your blog so please don’t take that too seriously. I will raise a glass to you tonight (and finish off this bottle of Peirano P.S.. so at least it is drinkable! lol) Cheers!

5 07 2011

Holy cow — Petite Petit for $13,79 is a HUGE bargain, and I would probably rate it slightly better than the Peirano at such a price! Around here (Delaware) there is some kind of price lock on this one, you absolutely never see it for less than $18, often for more!

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