Chateau Bois Redon bordeaux superieur review: oh, MY, GOODNESS

12 07 2011

Today we review a 2009 blend of 75% merlot, 25% cabernet sauvignon from France.  It’s $10 at Total Wine.

If you ever wonder why some people say that U.S. wines are too sweet, this is a wine for you to try.  It’s just merlot and cabernet, but it tastes NOTHING like the merlot and cabernet that most Americans are familiar with.  Smell: pure alcohol.  Taste:

Dried cherry and coffee.  Lots of dry cocoa-like tannins on the finish.  Almost bitter, yet has a soft leathery texture.  Serious.  Elegant.  Medium bodied.  Understated.  Tastes “tight” and too reserved when first opened, gets better on day 2.  This dark burgundy-red wine from Bordeaux is absolutely killer for $10.   I say give it a try, especially if you don’t drink French wine.  Maybe pop open a Washington or California merlot to go with it.  Compare and contrast.  Let us know what you think!

Chateau Bois Redon bordeaux superieur reviewRecommended.




3 responses

28 09 2011
Audrey Sim

i dont drink wine but was giving this as a gift, so a couple questions, is it good to cook with and if so who would i make. also what is the best way to, store this, in the pantry or in my fridge

28 09 2011

I’m not a chef of any kind so I don’t “know” that it’s good to cook with, but it is such good wine in general that I suspect it will work very well. To store it, you want a cool, dark place that does not change in temperature much. The basement is usually good. Keep the bottle on its side. The fridge is not a good place for storage. Too cold, and too much vibration. Many pantries get warm (either in summer due to lack of AC, or in winter if major heating ducts are behind a wall) so I would avoid the pantry.

30 09 2011

This wine is nice to drink and would be just as nice to cook with. Enjoy!

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