Ruffino prosecco sparkling wine review

24 12 2011

Here’s a $15 non-vintage prosecco from Italy, which I obtained from Costco.

This Ruffino is an extra dry sparkling white wine.  The label says that it is creamy and crisp, with hints of peach and golden apples.

I disagree.  I say it is massively over-carbonated, and produces loud, extended belching.  As for its flavor, I can’t tell, because of the Colorado-rapids rush of foam in my mouth.  After various efforts to reduce the carbonation, which your New Years Eve guests will not be able to replicate, I conclude that this is an average, OK-tasting sparkling white wine.  Meaning, it tastes roughly like salty apple cider. 

Like most sparkling wines and champagnes under $300, this prosecco is:

Not recommended.




3 responses

25 12 2011

Maybe if you are going to trash every Sparkling wine and Champagne under $300, you should no longer review them. Most of us aren’t privy to $300 and up bottles as it seems you are.

25 12 2011

Hi Tom!
Just click “Bubbly” on the right, to see the sparkling wines that I have recommended. Merry Christmas!

9 07 2012
Chris Patterson

I enjoy the flavor. I am sorry the douche bag that rated the wine like vinegar.
Fine Wines

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