Wheelhouse cabernet: coming to a theater near you?

2 04 2012

You might have noticed my rabid, out-of-control positive review of the 2008 Wheelhouse cabernet, right here.

Now, it appears that Wheelhouse’s distribution has expanded.  I just found its bad-2010-Napa-self at a regular ol’ wine store, for $16 (TOTALLY worth it, even though the 2010 is not quite as good as the 2008 was). 

If you have found Wheelhouse, let us know with a comment.   Cheers!




4 responses

10 12 2012

Do you know anything about the Wheelhouse 2005 Cabernet? I won an engraved label 3L bottle last night & I dont drink wine so I have no clue if its good or what it might be worth.Thank you!

26 01 2013

I wish I did know about Wheelhouse as far back as 2005. I would guess that it is excellent. I would also guess that you want to drink it fairly soon, in the next year or two. Enjoy!

26 01 2013

You can find Wheelhouse at World Market.

26 01 2013

Good to know they still have it! If you have seen the price let us know!

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