Five Rivers cabernet UPDATE review

3 07 2012

A quick update on Five Rivers cabernet sauvignon.   I praised the 2007 vintage here and here.

Unfortunately, the current Five Rivers (2009) is no longer recommended here at Wineguider.  It is also no longer a Best Value.  It’s not terrible, but it just has too much of that “cheap red wine” taste.  That’s a deal-killer for me.

Sadly — not recommended.




3 responses

3 07 2012
Naps Happen

Oh no! This became one of our faves after you recommended it. Major bummer…

3 07 2012

I agree, bummer! But feel free to check out the 2009 and tell me if you disagree!

26 01 2013

Bummer…still trying to find a nice Cab in this price range. 😦

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