Radius cabernet sauvignon review

3 07 2012

Hi!  Tonight we review one of Total Wine’s popular selections, a Washington cabernet from 2010 that cost me $8.99.

Radius has two things going for it:  it’s inexpensive, and very sweet and gentle.   So if you are serving a younger drinker, or somebody who “hates red wine,” this might be a winner.

Unfortunately, that bubblegum sweetness was the downfall of Radius for me.  Without significant  aromas, mouthfeel, tannins or taste of a typical cabernet to offset the sugar shock, Radius cabernet encourages me to put down the glass.  It is:

Not recommended.




2 responses

6 08 2012

wow I’m pretty shocked at your review,yes it is “bubblegum sweet” but it’s a very easy drinking wine.At 8.99 I think it’s a great buy for everyday drinking

15 11 2012

It is shockingly sweet. Like altar wine. No sophistication to it. Much better wines at the price – like Coastline from Paso Robles or Stephen Vincent (Crimson).

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