La Crema Sonoma Coast pinot noir: IMPORTANT NOTICE

26 09 2012

ALERT!  La Crema 2010 Sonoma Coast pinot noir is delicious — and right now it’s just $16.89 at Costco.

Wow.  I’m used to seeing this wine for around $23.  Regardless of the price, it is compelling: light, but spicy.  It smells heavenly, with roses, mushrooms, cola, and magic fairy dust that I can’t describe.  And it tastes even better.  Which is good news, because La Crema’s lower-priced Monterey County pinot noir, which I loved back in May 2011, is tasting a bit cardboard-y these days. In fact the Sonoma itself has been disappointing in past years.  But not the 2010.

Pair it with salad, cheese, fish or sushi, pasta, pizza, or just enjoy it by itself.  And get ready for a nice evening.

Total Wine has it for just $18.97 (the 7 at the end means it is their absolute lowest  price) but Costco is beating them.  I suggest that you go out TODAY and buy as much as you can afford.

la crema sonoma coast pinot noir reviewRecommended, and a definite Best Buy.




One response

28 01 2013

Wow! That’s a fantastic price. I just reviewed the 2011 and paid $24.99. It’s a great Pinot Noir nonetheless. Cheers!

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