Coastline Reserve cabernet sauvignon review

20 02 2013

Tonight we look at a 2011 cabernet from California’s Paso Robles area that sells for $12-$13.

I sometimes use the phrase “California goulash” to describe that generic taste you get from so many of California’s affordable red wines.  Coastline’s regular cabernet ($6-$9) fits this term perfectly, but this reserve version . . . unfortunately fits the term perfectly.  I know it’s only $13, but Coastline Reserve cab is so punishingly generic that it feels like it should be priced much lower.

Taste:  oak, red fruit, vanilla, on the heavy end of medium-bodied.

Recommendation:  do not purchase, do not pass Go, do not spend 13 dollars.  Instead, go directly to:

  •  Lapis Luna Moon Eyes cab
  •  Avalon cab
  •  Wheelhouse cab
  •  Columbia Crest H3 cab
  •  Heavyweight cab
  •  Heron cab
  •  R Collection cab
  •  Hahn cab, or even
  •  Cupcake cab . . .

. . . all of which are under $14.  Or, if you really want to splurge:

  •  Kendall-Jackson cab, which is $15 and SURPRISINGLY good.  There!  End on a positive note.



3 responses

30 04 2013
Aston Lovell

To browse reviews, you can select from the categories on the right, such as wines under, the best wines to Bring to a party or those at Costco.

6 04 2014
Wine Novice

Alas! I bought two bottles of this wine yesterday at Total Wine with a very favorable recommendation from an employee there. I paid under $10 though. Hopefully $10 makes more sense.

21 05 2014

I hope you will tell us how you liked it!

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