Cruz Alta reserve malbec: Tale of Two Vintages

9 05 2013

This is a quickie review of a malbec from Mendoza, Argentina which sells for about $15.

The 2009 Cruz Alta reserve malbec is a very welcome reprieve from today’s California reds.  It tastes real.  Fresh.  Juicy but deep and dark, and not too sweet.  A perfect touch of oak.  On the heavier side of medium-bodied, with plum, black cherry, with a hint of cranberry.  I love this wine!

Unfortunately, the 2012 is what I am seeing on shelves these days.  The 2012 vintage is not very good – weak, lighter-bodied than the 2009, too green, too acidic, and just “blah”.  I tried, but I could not finish my bottle.  It is sitting here, staring at me.

2009:  Enthusiastically recommended.   cruz alta malbec reserve

2012:  Not recommended.




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