Santa Ema Reserve merlot review

25 09 2013

Today we look at a 2009 reserve merlot from Chile’s Maipo area, which I found at Total Wine for $14.

This wine is deep purple in the glass, and throws off aromas of caramel, honey, allspice and cloves.

It is 13,5% alcohol, comes in a heavy and stately bottle, and OH MY FREAKING GOD IS THIS WINE DELICIOUS.  Noticeable tannins play with the spices to create fireworks in your brain.  A seemingly too-upscale-for-$14 vanilla character combines with sweet caramel notes to keep things warm and friendly.   And then there’s the finish.  Ahhhhh.  Blackberry and plum are left behind, leaving me wanting another sip.

large-santa_ema_merlotAt $14, it’s a clear Best Value winner, and is highly:


Wineguider Best Value

The Wineguider Best-Value Guy




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13 07 2014

totally agree…this is a great wine for the price!

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