Bree pinot noir review

19 06 2010

Today we review Bree pinot noir, a German red wine that can be found at Total Wine for $11 a bottle.

Bree pinot noir is not bad, it’s just not very good.  On the bright side, it’s very affordable, and you can drink it, even drink a lot of it.  It won’t make you grimace, and you won’t have the urge to spit it out, or take it to the sink and force it down the drain while swearing at it. 

The problem is, Bree is just too simple.  And too sweet.  There are several affordable pinot noirs in this price range that taste more like real pinot noir, and have a little bit of complexity.   This stuff is like a Stepford Wife version of pinot noir.  All the possibly troubling flavors have been removed, for your sterile, Disney-themed taste experience.  Smooth, drinkable cherry water, anyone?

The bottle is drop-dead gorgeous, but you can enjoy it far better when filled with the very nice Bree riesling, reviewed below.





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19 06 2010


22 07 2010
Hannes Minkema

I have not tasted the Pinot Noir, but right now I am enjoying a bottle of Bree Merlot, and it is a whole other story. Dry to the bone, very fruity, spicy too, close to a ‘new world’ wine (meaning an accent on fruit and concentrated flavor, not on tannins). Deep dark ruby color. Impressive nose, very natural, very… merlot.

The producer reccommends leaving the bottle open for two hours before consuming the contents. I fear that I’m not going to make it.

22 07 2010

Thanks for your comment – that sounds good, I’ll have to try it! -Wineguider

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