The Birdman pinot grigio review

19 06 2010

Today we review a $10 pinot grigio made in California by Big House vineyards.

The Birdman is a fun wine with a crazy jail-themed label that makes it great for bringing to a party.  But don’t be fooled — the contents are serious.  This is no watery, weak pinot grigio.  Best served well chilled, it’s intense, refreshing, and good on its own, but better when paired with food.   That’s because The Birdman has some nice complexity, so it will enhance almost anything you are eating.  Subtle tropical flavors are followed by a tart, clean finish, with a zing. 

A nice feature:  if you are cooped up in chardonnay-only mode, this could be THE wine to help you break out.  Why?  Because  this powerhouse pinot grigio tastes like it has been injected with a good un-oaked chardonnay.  So for those who are stuck in the sub-basement of Kendall Jackson, Robert Mondavi and other chardonnays, here is a familiar-tasting, chardonnay-like key that could ease you out into different wines, better times and broader, sunlit uplands.

Finally, fans of sweet wine may be challenged by The Birdman.  It tastes a bit alcohol-heavy (13.5% content), and it’s more dry than sweet.  

Recommended.The Birdman pinot grigio review




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