Incognito red wine review

20 06 2010

Today we review Incognito, a $15 red blend from the Michael~David Winery in California’s Lodi appelation which was recommended to me by the wonderful Mia at Premier Wine in Wilmington, Delaware.

EDIT (August 2010):  Sadly, Incognito now sells for $18 a bottle, so it is no longer a “Best Value”.

OK, if you like your red wine to be fruit-forward, powerful and super dark, this is your wine.  The 2006 Incognito is a blend of — I don’t know.  The mysterious label, true to the wine’s name, is silent on the subject, saying only that  it contains “primarily” Rhone varietals.  (Ugh: wine speak.)  However, the winery’s website reveals that it contains Mourvedre, Syrah, Petite Sirah, Cinsault, Carignane, Tannat, Malbec, Cabernet Franc and Grenache.

Whatever.  This stuff rocks.  It smells wonderful (blueberry and rhubarb pie?) and has a great balance of dark fruit and spice on your tongue.  It’s a bit complex, with lots of entertainment for your taste buds, but it’s nowhere near as complex as that list of grapes suggests.  It’s so heavy that it leaves a bit of aftertaste, but it’s a GOOD aftertaste.  And at 14.5% alcohol, it will rock your block.

Is Incognito bigger, warmer, and darker than the powerhouse reds reviewed below, Jip Jip Rocks Cabernet/Shiraz, and Jacob’s Creek Reserve Shiraz?   Yes!  Is Incognito the most powerful red I’ve ever tried?  No.  That award (or is it a booby prize?) goes to Gotham, which I will review soon.

Incognito red is highly recommended by your wineguider.  Enjoy!Incognito red wine review




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