Gato Negro malbec and merlot review

22 06 2010

Today we review two bargain reds from Chile’s Gato Negro, each of which can be had for just $4 a bottle: the 2008 malbec and the 2008 merlot.

Here’s the deal.  This stuff is cheap.  The malbec smells very strange, and tastes bad.  The merlot smells pretty good, and tastes bad.  This is the kind of wine that makes you grimace when you try it. 

You’ve probably heard more about Gato Negro as this year’s “two buck chuck” than any other wine.  I would say, don’t bother.  It’s not a miracle discovery to slash your wine bill.  It’s just cheap, crappy wine.

One caveat:  I haven’t tried the cabernet sauvignon.  I probably should, since I am panning these two.  I’ll come back and edit this once I’ve had the chance.





3 responses

15 01 2013

What about the Gato Negro Pinot Noir? I didn’t think it was bad. Hope you get a chance to review it. FYI I can’t find it anymore. Costco and Trader Joe’s used to carry it.

2 01 2015

I agree the Malbec is awful but the blend is very good, the Cabernet is good for the price I think this is a real find

22 02 2015
Barry Charles

To the idiot who can’t taste a good thing if it bit him on the balls, Gato Negro Cabernet is the best of the lot

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