Cupcake cabernet sauvignon review

22 06 2010

Today we review a California cabernet from the Central Coast region, which sells for $10 a bottle.

Cupcake red wines have some good mojo, because you’re already thinking of rich chocolate when you try them.  At least that’s what “cupcake” makes me think of.   This cabernet from 2007 is honestly nothing super special.  However, it doesn’t do anything terribly wrong, and its mild nature just makes it easier to polish off glass after glass.   Surprisingly, this California cab has just a touch of oak.  

There are mellow spices and tannins to be found, but it’s a bit bland if you’re having very flavorful food with it.   Unfortunately, it is also a little bit acidic in a not-so-good way.

Bottom line:  Cupcake cabernet is pleasant.  The name makes me think of chocolate when I’m tasting it.  And it only costs $10.   Sold.


Cupcake cabernet reviewCupcake cabernet review




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