Bogle Phantom wine review – HOLY COW

10 11 2010

Bogle Phantom wine reviewNote:  This review has been updated here.

Here’s a 2007 blend of petite syrah, old vine zinfandel, and old vine mourvedre.  It’s from California and costs $18.

Does anybody know the difference between mourvedre and “old vine” mourvedre?  (“I love the old vine, but I won’t touch plain mourvedre with a ten foot pole.”)

Well it doesn’t matter, because this wine is fantastic.  It’s almost a “Must Buy.”  It’s super dark, super deep, super rich, and just, super.  I love it.  Lots of tannins that suck all the moisture out of your head, leaving you with a mouth made of felt, like a muppet.  Tons of juicy cranberries and black cherries.  Smoky spices.  A fun balance of sweet red fruit and dry oak.  And finally at the finish, more muppet mouth.

If you don’t like tannins, do not bother with The Phantom.  But if you like red wine generally, you have to try it.  It’s not super complex, and it’s not super fresh or organic, but at $18 you don’t expect these things.  What you expect is pleasure.

And that’s why, at $18, this juicy, tannic wonder is:

Highly recommended!




10 responses

15 11 2010

Good review. I will definitely try and find some.

23 12 2010

around here (so cal) you can get this wine for more like 9 or 10. at world market, and no I don’t work for them, lol. 😉

23 12 2010

Los Angeles and San Diego World Market both said $15.99 when I called them today. Which is still better than $18, you lucky dog!

24 12 2010

ok, not sure about this one. I thought it was on sale the day I went, but maybe not. my ‘regular’ source, napacabs, sells it for 14.99. I take it you aren’t in so cal….

You should do a whole “world market bargains” section, because it’s so unique, imo…. (So is trader joe’s but there’s already a blog for that….)

I love your blog, btw, if that wasn’t clear. 🙂

31 10 2012
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11 11 2012
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17 05 2013

Tannins as in dry mouth. Why would you want to drink a wine that sucks all the moisture out of your mouth and leaves you with a bitter aftertaste? Save your money.

4 10 2013
Northern Maine

$13.99 at Trader Joe’s

26 10 2013

I wish Phantom was still as good as when I wrote this review! But $13.99 is a great price no matter what. Thank you!

1 11 2013
Beach wine guy

drinking a 2010 now very good

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