Kudos pinot noir review

11 11 2010

Kudos pinot noir reviewHere we have a 2009 pinot noir from the renowned Willamette Valley in Oregon, which costs $15 at Total Wine.

Bias alert!  I don’t usually like light pinot noir.  This review should be taken with that grain of salt. 

Kudos is made by NW Wine Co and has lots going for it: it smells, and tastes, like cherries, with rose petals and dry earth.  But it mostly smells and tastes like a natural, untainted, honest pinot noir.  It does almost nothing wrong.  The cherry is balanced by a nice tartness and moderate acidity.  The price is a bargain for any drinkable Oregon pinot.  Somebody on Snooth called it “astonishing.”  The modest 13.9% alcohol content means it’s not fire-breathing.  And it’s far more interesting than most bargain pinots.  If you enjoy light pinot noir, I think you’ll like Kudos, and maybe even love it. 

On the down side, the fact that it’s a light pinot noir means that I can’t stop dwelling on its leanness, its translucence, its thin, light, not-heavy — OK yes, I do need counseling, but I just wish it were more medium-bodied.  I preferred Mark West Santa Lucia Highlands, reviewed here, at this price level.  Also Kudos isn’t very complex.  But it’s much more interesting than a Mirassou or a Hob Nob.  Finally, I feel that Oregon pinots are overpriced these days.  But in today’s market, Kudos clearly IS a great value for an Oregon pinot. 

Since I liked it despite my bias against its light style, and because it’s an easy-drinking Willamette Valley pinot at a bargain price, Kudos 2009 pinot noir is:


  Tip: Mine was better on day 2 (cork in place overnight).




7 responses

7 03 2011

re Kudos—you reviewed the 2009 Pinot, but the picture to the left shows a Kudos 2008. Which is the better vintage? thanks!

7 03 2011

They’re pretty much the same, but you’re not likely to find the 2008, because they made a very small amount compared to the more widely distributed 2009. Coming up soon: the Reserve Kudos pinot noir. [crowd: “oooohhh….”]

22 04 2011

I have to disagree with wine totally. Total Wines has this wine rated #1 on their list of wines. OMG ! Are you kidding me. I enjoy tasting pinot noir wines, but this Kudos 2009 belongs on the list of Worst of Pinots. It has a horrible finish and nothing smooth about it. Try an Artesa pinot and see the difference. I wouldn’t recommend this wine to anyone. I’m going back to Total Wines to get my money back.

23 04 2011

When I first tried Kudos, I had the same reaction as you. After a couple of sips, I intended to write a scathing review. Then I kept going, and it improved on the 2nd day. I do think it is too light, and too expensive, as pointed out in the review. But it does deliver Oregon pinot-ness for just $15, and I did find a way to enjoy it, which is more than I can say for many other inexpensive Oregon pinots. I’ll try it again, maybe I was too forgiving? As for Artesa, it costs $20 at Total Wine, or 33% more than Kudos. Not sure that’s a fair comparison my friend!

25 09 2011
Paul Shultz

I like the Kudos 2009. And I like “light” pinot noirs, especially when I want a red with a spicy salmon or halibut.

5 02 2012
Steven Jesseph

We bought four bottles of the 2010 Kudos at Total Wine on the recommendation of the store manager. We’re in love with it and going back for a case or two. Is it light? Yes! In the style of the great French Bordeaux wines from whence these great Oregon vines and wine came. But, at the price and availability – they’re even better.

Individual taste and preference with wine is a bit like noses – everyone has one. Count us as fans of Kudos and NW Wine Co. These folks really know what they’re doing.

18 02 2012

2010 Kudos ?? A year makes a BIG difference when I commented on the 2009 Kudos. I had opened an Artesa pinot reserve of mine at a party and got rave reviews. Then someone commented on their pinot they had bought at Total Wines and she said it didn’t compare to this Artesa she was drinking. I asked, Was it a Kudos ? And she said , yes, how did you know? Cuz I had the same reaction. She begged me to order a few bottles of Artesa next time.

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