Line Shack petite sirah review – a close call

15 11 2010

This powerful petite sirah from southern Monterey and San Antonio Valley, California cost me $15 at Total Wine.

Line Shack was recommended very enthusiastically by someone whose opinion I respect, so I had some expectations when I tried it.   It’s really, really deep, and dark purple, and really, really “dark berry” in your mouth, like a jam of blackberries and blueberries with some dates and something else that’s dark.  And maybe too sweet, or even much too sweet.  And too young.  But then there are some tannins that creep in later, to remind you it’s serious.  

It’s also a bit hot, as they say, with the 14.9% alcohol content coming off more like 80 proof.  Maybe I’m just not man enough to drink this wine.  Where’s Anthony Quinn when you need him? 

Or, maybe Line Shack is way, way too sweet, so it’s for girly men.  In which case, I’m fine.  I have to say, it’s a very close call, because I can tell this is good wine, but I just can’t hack it.  Really nice texture and very interesting flavors, but tooooo much berry.  Tooooo much alcohol.  Tooooo sweet and deep and dark.   No mas.  ¡Ay, caramba!   This juicy firebomb is . . . at least I’m pretty sure it is . . .

Not recommended.




5 responses

10 10 2011
Gwendolyn Alley aka Art Predator

I opened this wine on Thursday and tasted it daily. Tonight Sunday I am in LOVE with it. Like many PS, I think this wine needs some time in the cellar for it to be truly appreciated.

13 03 2012
Bruce Davis

I agree with the review — I’m not a fan of this wine, at all. In fact, I found the taste and aroma of the wine so strange and off-putting, that I Googled it simply to see what others thought of it. Which brought me to this review. Which review I find totally spot-on. I am on the verge of pouring the second half of my bottle down the drain. It’s that strange and unpleasant.

23 05 2012

I LOVE this wine, it is exactly what a Petite Sirah should be, big, bold, and mysterious. If you didn’t enjoy this wine, perhaps you don’t really like petite sirah at all.

12 05 2013
David Griffin

I bought my first bottle tonight after craving a ps for almost a yr. It’s not readily available where I live (SC) now. I was hoping for a fruit forward, big jammy, albeit “yummy” experience. I haven’t opened it yet but glad I did after reading this review. Thank you.

12 05 2013

I hope you’ll let us know what you think of it!

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