Rosemount shiraz review – ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

18 11 2010

Rosemount shiraz reviewTonight your fussy, picky Wineguider reviews a 2008 Australian shiraz that’s only $8 at my local store, and just $6.50 at Total Wine.

What is this, some kind of a joke?

How much, for this jammy plastic explosive?  $6.50??  This big, dark, chewy, fruit and tannin-filled shiraz costs what?

OK if you’re reading this, you probably know what cheap red wine tastes like.  Think about the last time you trusted a good-looking flight attendant who offered you a merlot, and suffered the consequences.  Or the last time you ordered “red wine” at a hotel bar.  Rough.  Bitter.  Weak.  Totally anonymous. Fraudulent. And you paid nine U.S. dollars for one glass of it, didn’t you.

But wait — I can offer you a whole bottle of feel-good, for $6.50 — less than a carwash.  I’m not saying it has huge individual personality.  And it’s not perfect, or layered, or complex.  But it’s SO drinkable, and it’s so cheap, that you can grant yourself forgiveness with it.  Forgiveness for all of those bad drinking decisions at “hip” after-work nightspots (for example).   Just order your favorite Chinese food, and get some Rosemount shiraz.  And get ready for a good time.

Go ahead.  You deserve redemption.  Rosemount is there for you.

At $6.50, or $8, highly recommended.  And, a “Best Value.”  Enjoy!




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19 11 2010
That Girl

Great review!! …and who doesn’t want a little forgiveness and redemption … just in time for the holidays! “and because it’s Xmas (and you tell the truth at Xmas)… .”-Love Actually.

20 11 2010

As a broke college student, I thrive on “the cheap stuff” but I got a bottle of Rosemount for my Girlfriend and I’s first Valentine’s dinner and was pleasantly surprised. Not only does it taste pretty good for the price, but it’s got some sentimental value for me as well. Good review. Great site. Thanks.

4 01 2011

I LOVE this Shiraz.

It’s my all-time favorite Shiraz/Syrah and I’ve had plenty. And it’s SO cheap!

14 04 2011

Very Nice!

19 11 2011
Mike H.

2009 not as good. I wonder if I keep it a year?

26 01 2013

What!!!! Under $6.00 at my Total Wine store!!

26 01 2013

Wow… under $6 is ridiculous! However, I just had the recent vintage and I am no longer in love. It was just “OK for a cheap red.” I need to write an update on this review!

26 01 2013

Thanks for the warning! I hate wasting money on wine…even if it’s $6. I’d rather put that $6 into something enjoyable. Just thought of one for you Wineguider. I had a wine called Santa Ema Merlot(Reserva) from Chili last night. $10.99 at Total Wine. I thought it was really good for the price. Hope you don’t mind suggestions.

26 01 2013

Love suggestions — thank you!

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