Kendall-Jackson cabernet sauvignon review: IT IS DECIDEDLY SO

31 01 2011

Today we look at a 2007 cab from California.  I paid $19, but you can buy it for $15 at Total Wine.

This is the “vintner’s reserve” cab from Kendall-Jackson.  That sounds pretty special.  It’s not.  It’s actually their bottom-of-the-line.  But that doesn’t mean it tastes bad. 

In fact, this dark-ruby cab is very nice to drink.  Go ahead and buy a bottle.   You’ll like it.  The winemaker says it “opens with deep black cherry, blackberry and cassis flavors. Intense, round and well-structured tannins provide a strong backbone throughout the middle. Cedar and vanilla notes linger on the finish, beckoning another sip.”  OK, I’ll go with that, although it may be a somewhat brilliant technicolor description, when the wine is actually painted in more subdued shades.

Now, when you follow my advice and try K-J cabernet, will you **love** it?  My sources say no.  Will you remember it?  Maybe not.  But I guarantee you’ll like it.  For me, that’s saying a lot.  At $15, this is a damn nice example of a California cabernet. 

Kendall-Jackson cabernet sauvignon reviewRecommended.




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