Kendall-Jackson cabernet sauvignon review UPDATE

13 08 2013

Today we update our review of a California cabernet that sells for around $18.

I praised the 2007 K-J cabernet in this little review right here, in which I laid down a gauntlet by actually guaranteeing that you would like it.  And I stand by that.  The problem is, the 2007 is long gone and we now have to contend with the 2010.

Now, things get a bit touchy.  If you have read my U.S. CABERNET REPORT: SPRING 2013, you know that 2010 and 2011 California cabernets are not performing well, to put it nicely.  And unfortunately, the Kendall-Jackson 2010 cabernet falls right in line.  Tart almost to the point of bitterness.  Thin.  Boring.  Sweet rather than juicy.  Nondescript.  I think that about covers it.  I’m sorry to say, the 2010 K-J cab is:

Not recommended.




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