Wineguider’s 2 unheard-of tips for better coffee

15 05 2011

Today!  Two simple tips that will result in better coffee for you each morning if you use a typical drip coffee maker. 

Tip #1 is for people who use ground coffee.  The tip is, before you make your coffee, briefly grind it.  That’s right, buy an inexpensive Krups grinder for around $17 and give your already-ground coffee 5 seconds in there.  While you’re grinding, slowly shake the grinder up, down and around, so the coffee gets evenly distributed.  Doing this took my favorite, Caribou ground coffee, from “nice” to “rich.”   I want rich. 

Tip #2 is for anybody who uses a drip coffee maker, where the problem is, the water doesn’t get hot enough to make really rich, flavorful coffee.  Especially in the first minutes of brewing, when it’s heating up.  This is worst if you only make 1 or 2 cups, since most of your coffee is made before the water is hot.  So tip #2 is to simply run a little bit of clean, cold water (4-8 oz.) through your coffee maker beforehand, to heat things up.  Then (remembering to pour that water out of the pitcher), make your coffee right away.  Your coffee maker will cough out a hot steam cloud when fresh water hits the already-heated system, so stand clear.

That’s it! 

Two more tips, at no extra charge:  (1) if you’re using tap water, switch to bottled spring water, or buy a filter pitcher like Brita, and (2) one day, devote 20 minutes to clean out your coffee maker, by getting a jug of white vinegar at the grocery store and running a full pitcher of it through, straight.  Then run at least 4 full pitchers of clean, cold water through, to rinse.





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