Avalon cabernet review: why it’s REALLY exciting

12 09 2012

Today we review a 2009 Napa Valley cabernet sauvignon that sells for about $17.


OK, Avalon’s Napa cabernet is very good, in fact just as good as Kendall Jackson’s legitimately delicious cabernet, at around the same price.   Avalon’s true cabernet taste features an oaky snap, dark red fruit, and a hint of cinnamon and chocolate.  Yum.  Although it won’t change your life, it has plentiful tannins, great mouthfeel, and doesn’t taste funky like some lower priced cabernets.

But what if you could have this wine for only $13 a bottle?  That would be really cool.  And it appears you CAN, if you live near K&L Wine Merchants.  For the rest of us, shipping charges will obviously increase that great price.

Now, what if you could have this delectable confection for just $9.99 plus shipping?  Well now you’re just getting greedy.  And yet, it may be possible.  More on that in PART II of this review.  As a little hint, check out the insane variation in prices on this wine that Wine Searcher.com shows, here (please note that the store selling it for $9.99 is selling another version of Avalon cabernet, not the Napa Valley, as this listing claims).

For now, let me say that Avalon Napa Valley cabernet at $17 is absolutely:

Avalon Napa Valley cabernet sauvignon reviewRecommended.




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