Lapis Luna Moon Eyes cabernet sauvignon review: IT’S COOL

21 09 2012

Tonight it’s a 2007 cabernet from California’s Lodi area.  I paid $14, but I’ve seen it online for $9.99.

Wow, this wine is cool.  It is different from the usual California stuff — instead of nameless dark red fruit and sweet oak, you get a modest bouquet of blackberry, black cherry and plum flavors, real, crisp tannins, and mild tobacco.  And a POP! of minty licorice.

No, it doesn’t taste like a $50 wine, but Moon Eyes from Lapis Luna is some serious juice.  It’s very rich and warm.  And that mint makes it cool.  Literally.  You can even buy it on  At $9.99, it’s a HUGE deal.

lapis luna moon eyes cabernetRecommended.




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