Apothic Red wine review: Newwww, Worrrrrldd, Mannnnnnn

21 09 2012

Today it’s a 2010 California red blend that you can buy at Costco for just under $9.

Quick lowdown:  Very cool black and red bottle, very popular, a warm, sweet blend of  syrah, zinfandel, cabernet and merlot.  Smells like butterscotch, as pointed out here.  Taste-wise, it gives you caramel, dark blueberry, cinnamon, vanilla, and a bit of oak.  Hits you with high fructose syrup, finishes with spicy, soft tannins.

Apothic says they combine Old World blending traditions with a New World style.  A lot of people love it.  However, it’s too sweet for me.  Apparently, I am not a New World man.

Not recommended.




2 responses

21 09 2012

Surprised you did not like Apothic. I agree that it can be on the sweet side but it’s everybody’s favorite whenever we have a party. Not as good as Project Paso red blend but pretty close.

21 10 2012
Susan Ursuliak

Glad to hear you didn’t like this wine. If red wine tastes like grape juice with alcohol in it, what, then, is the point of fermenting it in the first place? I like to think that fermentation transforms grape juice into something more interesting, and hopefully, not too sweet.

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