Les Martinieres table wine: YOU MAKE ME WANT TO –

14 10 2012

Today we look at a French white wine.  Seven dollars at Total Wine.

If you get excited about great food.

If you get excited about delicious wine.

If you like a bargain, but you love an extreme bargain — then it’s time to discover Les Martinieres.  Drive to Total Wine, and get two bottles.  You’ll pay $14.  But it will be worth $50.

That is correct.  Les Martinieres white table wine is worth $25 a bottle.   It sells for $7.  I have never recommended a wine this strongly.  I’ve never been this EXCITED about a wine, in light of its price.  I’ve never been so flat-out amazed by the value of any wine — no, any THING.  I owe this discovery to That Girl (somebody please tell her to recommend more white wines!)

This wine — you know, it makes me want to SHOUT.  It’s like a citrusy sauvignon blanc, combined with a minerally, South African chardonnay.  It does nothing wrong.  Crisp.  Tart.  Perfect with food.  BAM.

Les Martinieres white table wineHighly recommended, and a huge, flagrant, screaming Best Buy.




2 responses

8 11 2012
That Girl

Oh, the pressure!! It is a tres chic wine. I’m glad you like it. I may have some this weekend. Yum!

8 05 2013

Ahhh, you forgot to mention one thing…in this day of overwhelming, over-extracted 14% plus wines (yes, whites too) Les Martinieres weighs in at 11.5% alcohol. That means you and your favorite friend can drink a bottle before dinner, have another with lobster, cracked crab or shellfish and still be able to get up from the table and talk coherently. This is definitely a food wine and will pair wonderfully with any light seafood or Asian food. Hmmm, thinking I might look for some Blue Points or Kumamotos this weekend.

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