Avalon merlot review: OH, SANDY

30 10 2012

Here’s a 2010 Napa Valley, CA merlot that costs around $12.

Tonight I had one of the best bottles of wine I’ve ever opened.  It was Avalon merlot.  A Napa Valley red that you can find at Total Wine for a mere $11.  Why was it so great?

I opened it during hurricane Sandy.  Earlier today I did a lot of work outside to prepare the house for a 48-hour nightmare of torrential rain and wind.  But during the storm, starting around 5 pm, there was nothing to do but sit and watch the news.  And worry, and hope.

Avalon is warm, with plentiful tannins and flavors of cranberry, black cherry and oak.  It’s not typical, it’s not too sweet, and it tastes — expensive.  When I first tried it, I felt it was easily worth $20.  So I bought 6 more bottles.  But the next two bottles were disappointing — instead of the luxurious warmth I remembered, they seemed maybe a tad bitter, although still worth their price.  Tonight, we’re back in business.  Bottle no. 4 is absolutely delicious and weighs in above $20, just like the first bottle.  It literally helped me get through this storm.  So far, no trees have fallen, the rain has subsided, and the basement didn’t flood.

Despite the possible consistency issue, if you have an important event of your own, I think you’ll be glad if you have a bottle of Avalon Napa Valley merlot with you.

Avalon merlotHighly recommended.




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