Bogle Phantom review: UPDATE

11 11 2012

I drooled all over the 2007 Phantom in my “holy cow” review, right here.

However, the current vintage (2008) has lost that loving feeling.  I am sitting here trying to love it.  I’m not having an easy time.  It tastes like zinfandel, but it’s kind of generic.  It’s that familiar California goulash.  Black pepper?  Check.  Oaky, mouth-drying tannins?  Check.  Blackberry, slight prune, vanilla, clove and tart rhubarb?  Check.  Powerful and compelling?  Houston, we have a problem.

It’s not bad.  I’m OK drinking it.  But it has lost the magic of the $18 2007 that I raved about.  The 2008 costs $20 at Total Wine.  Worth it?  Maybe, but I think there are better values to be had.  The 2008 Phantom is, unfortunately:

Not recommended.




2 responses

11 11 2012

Bogle wines are some of the best value available. If you enjoyed The Phantom, you might want to try their Essential Red.
Reviewed here ….

26 01 2013

I agree. I found the Phantom for $16, and I was unimpressed also. I would rather had the Ghost Pines Cab or the Concha y Toro Marquis Cab for the same price.

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