Siduri Sierra Mar Vineyard pinot noir review

23 11 2012

Today we review a 2010 pinot noir from California’s Santa Lucia Highlands.  I bought it tonight for $45.

Pinot noir often delivers elegant, light-on-its feet and earthy layers of spicy red fruit.  The more you pay, the more elegance and complexity you usually get, and sometimes, the less “light on its feet” the wine gets, which can be wonderful.

This medium-bodied pinot from Siduri‘s Sierra Mar vineyard is giving me strong flavors of burned strawberry jam, along with earthy hints of damp forest floor.  Much too powerful, too hot, not much complexity for a $40-plus wine, and just not very good.  Alcohol percentage is 14.4%.  That’s high for a pinot noir, but not a disqualifier by any means.  Might have been fun.

I am disappointed that I paid $45 for this bottle.  This wine is unfortunately:

Not recommended.




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