Boedecker Cellars “Stewart” pinot noir review

5 12 2012

Boedecker Cellars pinot noir reviewToday, it’s a 2009 pinot noir from Willamette Valley, Oregon, which I purchased online for $34.

I have a crush on Athena Pappas.  Unfortunately, today’s pinot noir is named after her HUSBAND, Stewart Boedecker.  Who I’m sure is very nice, but possibly more importantly, has a very interesting Oregon pinot noir named after him.
(Stewart Boedecker and Athena Pappas are the brains behind Boedecker Cellars.)

The “Stewart” version of Boedecker pinot noir arrived promptly after my internet order.  I also bought an equally-priced version named Athena, which I have yet to try.  On day one, Stewart (the wine) was interesting:  spicy, not gushing with sweetness, cherries or roses as so many pinot noirs do, and it was nicely dry for a pinot.  And like the best Oregon pinots, it was utterly unique and didn’t taste like “Oregon pinot.”  However, it was a little hard to identify specific flavors — maybe I was just tired?

But on day two, Stewart (the wine) really took off.  That day being, today.  Like, right now.  This juice is slightly leathery, with some real tannins in there, and still retains its manly, not-sweet-but-instead-spicy character.  I’m getting cranberry, cedar, rhubarb, pine forest and cinnamon.  I LOVE THIS WINE.   And I think you will, too.  It has all the delicacy and complexity that make Oregon pinot my favorite drink in the world, with a bit of “guy”-slash-catcher’s-mitt thrown in, to make it even more interesting.  Just make sure you leave plenty to drink on day two.  Boedecker Cellars “Stewart” pinot noir is definitely:


P.S.  More on that crush after I try the Athena.




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