Cameron Hughes Lot 404 cabernet sauvignon review

23 12 2012

This 2010 red is from Napa Valley’s Stag’s Leap district, one of the Rolls Royce wine areas in California.  It cost me $27 but routinely sells for $22-$25.

Nice to drink, with a very pleasing, medium-bodied mouthfeel — Cameron Hughes Lot 404 cab says “friendly” more than “serious”.  The tannins are soft and unobtrusive.  One extremely picky friend of mine was happy to sip her way through more than a glass.  Make no mistake, this is a very solid red wine.  To nitpick, there is not much definite aroma and the taste is hard to pin down — what flavors am I getting, exactly?  I suppose I expect more complexity from a $25 bottle.

Which leads to the bottom line — the problem for me here is simply the price.  If you aren’t concerned with that, I say, definitely buy this lovely red.  At $16.99, I would be singing its praises from the mountaintops.  But at over $22, Cameron Hughes Lot 404 cabernet is unfortunately:

Not recommended.




One response

18 02 2013

I have not purchased either Cameron Hughes Lot 400 or Lot 404, strictly because they substantially raised prices. I need a great deal to motivate my buying an unknown vinyard’s excess or substandard grapes, and the higher prices this season don’tcompensate me for the risk, and my risk it is.

The Cameron Hughes Cabernets, for example, were never highly rated, were hit or miss, but at $16 to $20 for some promised high end wines they were worth a try. But Cameron Hughes has begun following the pattern of “success so keep raising prices” and $25, $26 and even $40 bottles have emerged, again for wines with an unknown petigree. There are lots of very tasty and dependable Cabernets competing in the low to mid twenties, and I only have to buy one so Cameron Hughes isn’t worth it anymore. What a shame. Who’s next up with good bargains?

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