Cult cabernet sauvignon review

26 01 2013

Today we review a Napa Valley cabernet that sells at Total Wine for $27.  It is non-vintage, meaning its grapes come from various years’ harvests.  It is 14.8% alcohol.

So — “cult” wines are those rare few captivating bottles – usually red – that make rich winos spend days looking for them, and then fork over seriously big bucks for their heavenly goodness.  Does Cult cabernet sauvignon live up to the lofty goal of its name?

No.  Cult is, actually, an average Napa Valley cabernet.  As I forked over my $27, I read the store flyer, which states that Cult is Total Wine’s #2 selling wine.  Wow, it must be really good!  Right?

Kind of.  The finish is very clean, there are pleasant tannins, and the blackberry fruit/alcohol flavors are high quality.  But I’m afraid it’s not $27-Total-Wine-good.  Yes, it’s a departure from the normal California goulash, but there is not much depth or complexity, or originality, or lingering desire for glass-after-glass (a key requirement for me to recommend any wine).

Is Cult cabernet a fraud?  A sham?  No.  A merely competent $20 red masquerading as something special?  Maybe.  Whatever it is, Cult is:

Not recommended.




One response

29 10 2013
Josh D

Thank you. I just finished my second glass because it’s all I have. I paid only $21, but don’t think it was worth it at all. It is simply boring. It’s very low in complexity. It’s not horrible, but not even a $20 bottle. I’m quite disappointed!. Yellowtail makes a good shiraz for $6-7. Yeah…..

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