Heavyweight cabernet sauvignon review UPDATE

16 03 2013

We reviewed the 2007 Heavyweight cabernet right here, and concluded that it’s a recommended wine.

Now it’s the 2010 Heavyweight, which is $12 at Total Wine and still features 1800’s-style drawings of various boxers like “Bob the Bruiser” on the labels, which vary from bottle to bottle.  And so, what is the decision on the 2010 vintage?  Well, umm, something seems to have gone awry at this charming winery.  Heavyweight is sweet.  I don’t mean typical California cabernet-sweet.  No, this is more like Skittles and pancake syrup-sweet.

The taste?  Notes of pink birthday cake, butterscotch and paregoric combine with vanilla and old-fashioned root beer concentrate.  At 13.9% alcohol, it doesn’t pack enough of a night-night punch to make the actual drinking of it worthwhile on any scorecard.  This potion is:

Not recommended.




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