Gran Crucero Limited Edition red blend review

7 04 2013

Today it’s a 2009 red blend from Chile that costs $30 at total wine.

I am not going to dis this wine — at 14.5% alcohol, 45% cabernet sauvignon, 35% syrah and 20% carmenere, it is one big, spicy meat-o-ball.

Serious tannins and bright red fruit await you, along with some vanilla, tobacco and cocoa.  However, Gran Crucero Limited Edition was not quite enough of a party-in-the-mouth to merit a recommendation at $30 a bottle.  Nothing wrong with it, mind you, it just wasn’t terribly complex or mature, and I wasn’t delighted, wishing for glass after glass — and with a $30 Chilean red, I expect to be.

At $20?  THAT would be incredible, and would merit a huge, joyful recommendation. It appears that other retailers are selling Gran Crucero Limited Edition at $20 and $25, an indication that Total Wine may be getting greedy here, or has simply missed the mark on this one.

Not recommended.




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