Red Theory chardonnay review

7 04 2013

Today we check out a 2010 chardonnay from Washington State’s Columbia Valley.  I picked it up at Total Wine for $12.

You’re looking at a guy who generally dislikes chardonnay, and I really liked this wine.

Crisp.  Apply.  (Even though that’s not a word.)  Juicy.  Literally a hint of butter.  No oak.  A passing pineapple ship in the night.  And an innocent sweetness.  Red Theory chardonnay had me from the first sip.

Sure, it’s a bit sweet, and I admit, it’s not dominatingly impressive or complex.  But it’s refreshing.  A blatant crowd-pleaser.  It doesn’t have that weird California chardonnay chemicals taste.  And it’s only $12. The 2011 is also a winner, although the 2010 has a cork, while the 2011 uses a screw-top, if you care about such things.

My friends across the street also dislike chardonnay, and they agreed:  both liked it, and both chose Red Theory over the 800-lb chardonnay gorilla Kendall-Jackson, in a blind taste test.  This wine is:





2 responses

27 05 2015
steven kelly

I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your comments and how you write your articles. I will check back on this site from time- to-time. Also, I was wondering, if you do not have a review on a specific wine, can I ask for your opinion about it? Thank you very so much for your time.

Steven Kelly

4 10 2015

Yes, asking questions is encouraged!

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