Cono Sur Reserva Especial pinot noir review: WE, WANT, THE FUNK

31 08 2013

Today we review a 2012 pinot noir from Chile’s Valle De Casablanca.  I found it at Total Wine for $18.

Well, this can be short, ladies and gentlemen.  I suggest you buy this wine.

Cono Sur pinot noirI say this because it’s HUUUUUGE.   Medium bodied, but almost overwhelmingly complex (we like complexity), spicy, and just immediately delicious, with a fairly heavy funk-jam of Parliament Funkadelic barnyard earthiness.  See the YouTube video, below.   Aromas of wet leaves, cinnamon, blackberries and cloves.  Tastes of black cherry, rhubarb, vanilla, mushroom and warm, dusty spices.  If it came from Oregon, it would be $45.  As Jim Cramer might say, BUY BUY BUY!





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